Pro Tabletop Online



  • All the 9th edition terrain rules will be used
  • Each terrain piece in TTS will be labeled for what type of terrain it is.


  • 9th Edition Grand Tournament Missions will be used
  • They can be found HERE
  • Each Tournament will follow the following order of missions for August
    • Round 1: Sweep and Clear
    • Round 2: Battle Lines
    • Round 3: Surround and Destroy
    • Round 4: Vital Intelligence
    • Bracket Round 1: The Scouring
    • Bracket Round 2: Priority Target
    • Bracket Round 3: Scorched Earth
    • Bracket Round 4: Retrieval Mission

Army Composition

  • 2000 points
  • Max 3 detachments
  • 12 CP to start with


  • Once you register an admin will verify  and accept your registration into the tournament
  • You will not know what group you are in until registration is closed for the tournament

Scheduling a Game

  • Once your games are up you can schedule them with your opponent via discord and update the date and time via the web or mobile application
  • It is important to update this info so admins, viewers and other players can see when all matches are happening
  • We will be streaming games each week and may ask if you are available for the stream time to play your game
  • When you are signed into your profile you can edit the schedule of your games as follows:

Scoring a Game, Submitting a Game and Stats

  • There is a score card available in each map that you can use. Just submit the total score when finished
  • You will be able to submit your game score and stats once your game is completed via the mobile app or web application
  • We may require games in the future to have stat info filled out
  • Failure to fill the info out can result in suspension or banning from the tournaments


  • We take reports of poor sportsmanship very seriously. Reports of poor sportsmanship will be investigated and addressed on a case by case basis.
  • Poor sportsmanship may end in suspension or banning from future tournaments.

Joining the Community

  • Make sure to join the discord HERE
  • If you would like to support Pro Tabletop in other ways you can do so HERE
  • Make sure to stay up to date and watch all of our content on TWITCH and YOUTUBE


  • All questions and comments can be asked and talked about in the Pro Tabletop discord channel found HERE

Time Clock

  • Each Game should last no longer than (time determined once 9th releases)
  • All other time clock guidelines will be in place from ITC
  • In TTS you will be able to use the time clock that is on each map

Table Top Simulator Video References (coming soon)

  • How to get our base map
  • How to use our terrain
  • How to set an army up
  • Tips and Tricks to Play fast